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Art Books Los Angeles

My Fantasy Fair

Jeremy Deller, I'd rather be reading.

Jeremy Deller, I’d rather be reading.

The L.A. Art Book Fair would have been a lot more enjoyable if I had the money to purchase the objects I desired. In case you were wondering, here’s what I would have purchased:

Jeremy Deller, “I’d rather be reading,” fundraising edition: $200
Dave Eggers’ shower curtain, produced by The Thing: $65
Who Told You So?! The Collective Story v The Individual Narrative produced by Onomatopeia: $30
Bough Down by Karen Green, published by Siglio Press: $27
Local Edition by Louise Menzies, available at DDMMYY’s : $20
Emily Dickenson: The Gorgeous Nothings, published by Christine Burgin: $35
Llana Del Rio Collective‘s A Map for An Other L.A.: $8

Price of my fantasy L.A. Art Book Fair: $384

Being part of an absurdly hip, semi-intellectual, global network of over-educated and under earning liberals: priceless.